Completed: Textbooks and clean water for schools in Besseye-Lar, Chad

Before STELAS became involved in Besseye, neither school had access to clean water.  Children were forced to use water from a muddy hole, putting them at risk from waterborne diseases and malaria.  With funding provided by a partner organization, Drop in the Bucket, STELAS drilled a well for the primary school.  Another partnership (Drs. Goodman and Partridge, OB/GYN, Chandler, Arizona, U.S.) provided funding for health education.

Parents of the children of Besseye-Lar formed an association which pays teachers—mainly in kind—but cannot afford textbooks.  Teaching has been based mainly on memorization, with corporal punishment to help it along.  In December, 2008 STELAS provided science, math, and language textbooks for half the students in the senior class (275 books).


Completed: Primary School building and public clean water points in Besseye-Lar, Chad

The Primary School Parents Association of Besseye-Lar initiated the construction of two-classroom building for primary education. STELAS provided corugarted iron, building polls and cement to complete the construction. STELAS hired a handy-man for roofing and painting works. During a field mission to Besseye-Lar in November 2011, STELAS team-members wtnessed the inaugural ceremony of the school building. The team encouraged the villagers to joint effort to initiate other education related projects and make sure the existing ones are well maintained for the benefit of the community.

With support from Drop in the Bucket, two more water pumps were built to address the villagers’ need for clean water. One pump was installed in the market-place and another in the inner sector of the village. During their field mission to Besseye-Lar, STELA team-members participated in festive events organized by the villagers to celebrate the useful donation. Please visit STELAS Youtube site for more information.