STELAS has adopted a strategic 12-year plan to develop a complete and effective educational system in Besseye-Lar, Chad.  Programs are targeted at benefiting 7200 children and 120 adults during this 12-year period.  STELAS short-term goal (2010 – 2012) is to institute an inclusive basic literacy program beginning with a focus on early childhood and a teacher training program for young women in the village, while reinforcing the existing educational system.  STELAS long-term goal includes providing acceptable learning conditions and environments, training young people with high school diplomas as primary and middle school teachers, and fully implementing the national curriculum by providing ongoing professional development and books.

STELAS also plans to build infrastructure in the village necessary to provide opportunities for young people to use their literacy skills and generate income with those skills.  The hope is that by  2020 or 2012, STELAS will be able to hand over to the village the management of an effective and sustainable educational system encompassing primary, middle, high school, and trade school programs.  The outcome of this educational system will be an increase in the standard of living for the people of Besseye-Lar and surrounding communities.

Once the Besseye-Lar, model has proven successful, STELAS plans to export it to other countries in the region such as Cameroon and Mali.