STELAS offers scholarships to young women and men who wish to further their education but lack the funds to do so.  The application process requires students to demonstrate financial need, then they may receive funding for trade school or university.

What $2 per day can do

Nadine Mbainade, from N’Djamena, the capitol city of Chad, lost her mother when she was a young teenager.  Since then she has worked hard to support herself by selling food along busy roadways and by braiding hair.  Because many other young women try to make a living this way, competition is fierce.  Nadine barely makes enough money for her food and lodging.  But she did earn a high school baccalaureate degree in 2006 and saved enough money to begin studies at Hautes Etudes Economiques, Comptables, Commerciales et Communication du Tchad.  The money ran out before she could finish her last two academic years, but through a STELAS scholarship she was able to return to college.  Now 24 years old, Nadine is on track to graduate in 2011 with a business degree.  After graduation she plans to help the development of her community by starting her own business and hiring young people.  She also plans to contribute to STELAS’ scholarship program once she has a job.

For less than $2 per day, you can make it possible for young people like Nadine to complete their education and become leaders in their communities.

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