Stelas Team

STELAS leaders grew up in developing countries and experienced firsthand the value of education to expand their opportunities.

Rolel Mbaidjol, M.D.Founder and President

Rolel Mbaidjol
I was born in Chad but grew up in many different countries in both Africa and Europe (Nigeria, Burundi, Senegal, Cameroon, Switzerland and France).  I grew up in the world of philanthropy with a father who was and still is working with the United Nations high commission for refugees. I was able to personally experience how illiteracy and the lack of education leads to epidemics, children dying young, wars and perpetual poverty. That’s why promoting literacy and education is to me the most effective way to make a difference for the better. I consider myself really blessed to have been given the opportunity to study medicine at the American University of the Caribbean and to become a physician. I graduated in 2001 and feel it’s time to “pay it forward.”

Lystra Wilson Celestine, M.D.Secretary

Lystra Wilson Celestine
I have always had an interest in promoting the good of others in our global community.  I have the opportunity to do this at my primary job as a women’s health care provider.  I also enjoy contributing to the well being of others through nonprofit and volunteer organizations.

While growing up in the Caribbean, I was a recipient of the generosity of many friends and organizations.  In 2003 I graduated from St. George’s University in Greneda West Indies.  Naturally, when given the opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life I will seize it.  At STELAS I enjoy helping to develop an organization that reflects my ideology.  I feel I am giving back what was given to me.

Kabra MbaidjolTreasurer

Kabra Mbaidjol
I am the brother of Rolel Mbaidjol and was also born in Chad, experiencing firsthand the poverty of the third world.  Today I am a flight officer currently working as a flight officer with a major American airline.  Through this profession, I have traveled a lot and met people of a diversity of cultures and backgrounds.  My experiences have inspired me to become engaged in humanitarian aid. I strongly believe that the future lies with children and youths.

Ronald Celestine, Ph.D.Asst. Treasurer

Ronald Celestine
I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island republic.  I loved school and loved to learn about the world around me.  In Trinidad primary and secondary school were free, but tuition had to be paid for higher education.  While having eight siblings was fun it was not always possible to get things that were needed.  After finishing high school I wanted to attend college but my parents did not have the money to send me.  It was then I realized the full potential of the human spirit to share and give.  Many people came together to contribute to my education—relatives, church members and neighbors.  I was also given a scholarship.

If it were not for the contributions of others I would have not been able to complete my Masters Degree at Andrews University and my PhD in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Molecular Research from the University of Western Michigan University.  I received a lot of help along the way.

This is why I feel STELAS is so important.  This organization is dedicated to reaching students who are in similar or worse circumstances than I was.  We seek to assist students in third world countries who have the potential to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. but who, for the lack of finances, may never realize that potential.  It is my hope that as STELAS grows, thousands of children may achieve their dreams and contribute not only to their families’ upliftment but to their country’s as well.